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A Gorgeous Day

Thank you Lord for this gorgeous day

For the ability to see the beauty you displayed

And thank you for the pretty white clouds

Against the bluest sky that caused me to smile

I thank you for the sun so bright

That wrapped me in warmth, filled my soul with delight

Thank you for the cool calm breeze

That smelled so fresh and put my mind at ease

For the mountains so high overlooking this land

That have been touched and molded by your majestic hands

I am filled with memories of laughter and peace

As I stroll alongside this beautiful creek

I thank you Lord for the people who cared

They created this park for others to share

For the mill, the playground, the bandstand and school

Constant reminders of the “Golden Rule”

In this hectic world though I try my best

It’s so rare to find such a place to rest

There’s no where on earth that I’d rather be

Than with my Lord at the park in Trade, Tennessee

Beverly Reason

March 11, 2014