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Representative Hill holds town hall meeting in Mountain City

Tennessee State Representative, Timothy Hill, addressed a group of his constituents this past Friday at Lois’ Café in Mountain City. It was his second town hall meeting this week. “I’m a firm believer you can’t represent what you don’t know,” said Hill.

Hill opened the meeting with bringing Johnson Countians up to date on happenings at the state level in Nashville. According to Hill, the Supreme Court redefined marriage from a federal position. “That puts us in an unique position,” he said. The state amended its constitution to state that marriage is between one man and one woman. “I am grateful Johnson County commissioners took a stand and charged me as their representative to go to the state level,” Hill stated. According to Hill, there are a couple of things at work in the state legislature as a lawsuit has been filed to attempt to have the Supreme Court to overturn its ruling.

According to Hill, at this time he did not believe the issue of Insure Tennessee would come up, although he recognized there is a population that cannot be insured without the expansion of Medicaid. Insure Tennessee is a two-year pilot program that is set up to provide health care coverage to Tenneeseans who have limited options or do not have access to health care. On the issues of gas tax increases, Hill does not see a bill passing this year as no formal proposals have been made and the filing deadline has passed.  More...

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